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Kathleen is a London-based performance photographer specialising in classical and acoustic events. She is an amateur performer herself and passionate about supporting music-making communities. She has a strong creative sense and attention to detail. Her extensive experience as a designer and performer informs her ability to tell a story through photography which is relevant to the performers’ or venue’s communication needs.




Kathleen’s photography is unique because it is geared towards live acoustic events where unobtrusive and silent photography are of the essence. Her equipment is chosen on that basis, and she can work out-of-sight and behind the audience, for example when there is no photographer's pit, like at Wigmore Hall. She can work in burst-mode (often only used in sports photography) to capture groups of performers with heads up and eyes open. Kathleen can safely photograph concerts even if they are being recorded or adjudicated, such as at the London International A Cappella Competition.




Many historical performance venues are dimly lit or even, like the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse at Shakespeare’s Globe, only lit with candles. At live events, often the story that the photography must capture is in the shadows – the performers at the back of a church with only book lights bouncing into their faces, or the venue which is sold out to the rafters, like at Hoxton Hall. Kathleen uses low-light cameras combined with high-dynamic range techniques to pull detail out of the darkest corners, always hand-held, with no flash or tripod.




She also has a passion and sensitivity for the architectural space in events, and can provide and set up 14 ambient LED up-lighters to enhance the venues and create unique and memorable visual experiences. Sometimes she uses lighting to enhance what is already there, like the concave golden dome at St Peters Eaton Square. She has also worked with fog effects and collaborated with design students at RADA to add projection to events.




Kathleen also volunteers as a photographer for schools and charitable causes such as Pride in London, Arlington House, and Archer Academy. She photographs performance in both large and intimate venues, as well as outdoor events and gala dinners. She is friendly and approachable and can also photograph the informal aspects of the these events.




She has 20 years experience as a professional corporate web and interaction designer for clients such as NatWest, Nokia, Channel 4, Currys, BBC, Lonely Planet, Microsoft, and General Motors. She is Co-Founder, Trustee, and Design Manager of The Fourth Choir, London’s LGBT+ Chamber Choir for advanced singers.

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